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What to expect from your 10-Day Advanced Bartending

The 10-Day Advanced Bartending is EBS’s ultimate bartending course; it was designed to allow competent bartenders to take their abilities to the next level in terms of cocktails, equipment and ingredients. The course will cover a variety of methods and will focus on both the practical and theoretical sides of the profession. The 10-Day Advanced Bartending is the obvious next step for former EBS students and bartenders who have existing bartending experience. If you want to provide seamless customer service with personality, demonstrate your extensive bartending knowledge and practical prowess, the 10-Day Advanced Bartending is the only course for you!

Each module has been carefully created in order to put you leagues ahead of the competition within the industry. Our industry-leading instructors are constantly updating the course curriculum so you can enter the course safe in the knowledge that you will be taught the most up-to-date tricks of the trade.

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Become a stand out, all-round master behind the bar. This 10-Day Advanced Bartending will transform you from a Jedi Knight to a Jedi Master behind the bar. Here are three reasons to join the course now!

  1. Learn cocktails designed by world-renowned bartenders: Johannes Kinch & Marian Beke.
  2. Learn the value of minor details; these will earn you your tips!
  3. The 10-Day course will make your profile stand out on MatchStaff.com
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Supported by the biggest spirit brands in the industry

A lot of the best spirit brands in the industry have recognised us as the world’s leading bartender school, due to our standard of excellence we instil within our students. We therefore have the backing of some of the biggest names in the industry, which means you will not only receive world-class training but will be dealing with world-class ingredients too.

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Course Curriculum - 10-Day Advanced Bartending

Mixologist vs. the Modern Bartender – what is the difference?

Jerry Thomas, known as the ‘American Father of Mixology’worked as a bartender in San Francisco, in the 1860’s. How much do you think mixology has progressed since then? You will learn about the history and progression of mixology and learn what it takes to become a mixologist. You will analyse the word ‘bartender’, what it has representedthroughout history and what it means today.


Pre-Prohibition and Prohibition Eras

American Prohibition changed society’s position on alcohol; this is why it is essential to be familiar with this era. Many drinks were invented in the lead up to prohibition. Some of these classic drinks have remained in circulation since the 1800’s and you will learn some of the original recipes and taste them! You will learn:

  • What people drank before, during and after prohibition
  • Drinks that pre-date the cocktail such as punch, cobblers and slings
  • The history of cocktails, which year they were founded and who invented them


The Journey of the Bartender – from Past to Present

Learn about the history of the bartender, how the industry and the craftsmen have been changing and developing the profession over the years. In addition, you will discover the importance of ingredients, techniques and equipment in making quality cocktails.


Methods / Techniques and Equipment

We are going to teach you what it takes to make a cocktail taste absolutely perfect.You will learn the different methods, techniques and types of equipment needed to make drinks, along with the explanations. After this, you’ll know why James Bond asks for a ’martini shaken not stirred’. You will learn:

  • Which method is most suitable for different drinks
  • Why some drinks are shaken, stirred or rolled
  • Equipment that is used nowadays, measuring devices like jiggers and special cocktail shakers
  • Some of the equipment used in the industry’s history such as a ‘Lewis Bag’, old measurements like wineglasses and tablespoons
  • How to shake a drink, types of shakers, why they affect the cocktails that we are drinking
  • How to stir a drink properly
  • Different types of bar spoons
  • Different mixing techniques


Cocktail Categories, Families and Themes

To fully understand and appreciate a drink you must taste it! Learn about the history of these drinks and then get your taste buds tingling with a tasting session of cocktails from different families. You will:

  • Understand the history of these drinks, when they were invented, recipes, typical ingredients and equipment used to make them etc
  • Use modern techniques and styles to create signature cocktails from Johannes Kinch & Marian Beke using stylish techniques, ingredients, products and garnishes
  • Have a tasting session of around 20 drinks, from classic favourites to modern day marvels.


Hands-On Training

Now you can put your homemade knowledge into practise by making some of these exciting ingredients from scratch. This is how you will become more knowledgeable, we want to give you “hands-on” training

  • Create your own products such as purées, foams, syrups and cordials etc
  • Understand the quality of a cocktail
  • The importance of the appearance of a cocktail


Basic Molecular Mixology

You will learn the basics of molecular mixology, how to create your own dust with Green Chartreuse or Aperol. Furthermore, you will learn how to smoke a cocktail, make caviar and different variations of foam and the interesting process of fat-washing.



You will study ice as a vital ingredient in a drink. You will learn:

  • How to use ice to change the dynamics of a drink
  • Why certain types and shapes of ice are important
  • How to shape different pieces of ice by using a knife or an ice pick
  • The purpose of the ice, if you want the drink to last longer or to dilute it, or simply, just to get it as cold as possible!


Seminars from Industry Experts

Once or twice a week, we will have a seminar by an industry expert and discuss a particular spirit in detail, such as, cognac, gin, rum and tequila. Each seminar will include a look at the history of the spirit (from their creation until now), a creation session in which we will make some classic drinks with the spirit of the day and finally a tasting session!



In this masterclass, we will demonstrate how 4 simple steps can create a heavenly tasting drink. We will construct the drinks from scratch, using these 4 simple steps:

  • Temperature
  • Balance
  • Flavouring
  • Stretching

We put these steps into practise and make a few drinks and you can taste them so you can understand how basic mixology works.


Bar Training

The Bar Training master class will teach you how to set up a fully functioning bar. You will learn the correct order in which you should make cocktails, so that they are of the highest quality. You will learn when to use ice at the correct time, so the cocktails are as fresh as possible. Cocktail presentation is a large proportion of what makes them so popular, they’re visually attractive, if you can perfect the visual aspect whilst simultaneously involving your guests in the bartending process; you’ll find yourself at the top in no time.


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