2-Day Working Flair

“Its flair bartending at its best and it will leave you speechless.” Brian Texmo, EBS Las Vegas

Discover your 2-Day Working Flair

The 2-Day Working Flair is the most advanced and unique flair-training programme in the world. During the 2-Day Working Flair, you will learn how to dazzle your guests with over 70 magical flair tricks whilst maintaining the quality and speed of the cocktail making process.

The course will teach you how to simultaneously build drinks whilst demonstrating an array of fantastic flair skills including napkin, glass, ice, garnish and multiple bottle tricks. Moreover, you will learn approximately 10 different flashy pours which will add extra style and showmanship to your drink making process. You will learn all of these tricks efficiently and our world-class instructors will make sure you perfect all of these pours and tricks in just two days.

The 2-Day Working Flair also focuses on customer service and guest interaction whilst utilising flair skills. These special customer service techniques create a first-class experience that your guest can’t get anywhere else. By going the extra mile for your customers, you will make more money than ever whilst working behind the bar. Graduating from the 2-Day Working Flair course means you can add another invaluable qualification to your CV.

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  1. Learn additional flair skills that you can’t learn anywhere else
  2. Learn over 70 working flair moves in just two days
  3. Learn special customer service techniques, guaranteed to boost your tips
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Supported by the biggest spirit brands in the industry

A lot of the best spirit brands in the industry have recognised us as the world’s leading bartender school, due to our standard of excellence we instil within our students. We therefore have the backing of some of the biggest names in the industry, which means you will not only receive world-class training but will be dealing with world-class ingredients too.

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Course Curriculum - 2-Day Working Flair

Basic Working Flair Moves

  • 4 variations of napkin spins
  • 4 variations of muddler flair moves
  • 5 bar spoon moves
  • 4 variations of garnish tricks
  • 3 variations of Red Bull tricks
  • Basic multi-pours – learn how to pour up to 10 shots at a time
  • Basic Martini glass trick
  • 5 variations of beer bottle opening tricks
  • 3 variations of straw spin

01 Basic Working Flair Moves 580x240

Shaker Moves

  • 3 variations of tin pass
  • 2 variations of tin basic roll
  • 3 variations of tin and cheater tin combo
  • Tin and ice scoop combo
  • Tin strainer combo
  • Tin from behind the back


Ice Flair

  • 3 variations of basic throws

03 Ice Flair 580x240

One Bottle Moves

  • 1 bottle half spin and grip change
  • 1 bottle slide behind the back
  • 5 variations of 1 bottle balance move
  • Throw from one hand to another in front


Two Object Moves

  • 4 variations of bottle snatch
  • 2 store n pour grip change around the head
  • Bottle and tin swipe through
  • Pour and swipe through


Three Object Moves

  • 2 variations of 2 shakers and 1 bottle roll and pour


Pour Moves

  • Cross hands smooth pour
  • Pour on top of the bar and cut
  • 3 variations of the 1 bottle finger twist and pour
  • Throw and catch into pour
  • Jigger and bottle roll
  • 1 bottle roll and pour
  • Bottle and tin twist and pour in one hand

07 Pour Moves 580x240

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