Scotch Whisky Expedition

An exclusive opportunity to live at a world-leading distillery and experience whisky making as it happens

EBS has teamed up with the world’s most awarded single malt Scotch whisky to provide a truly unique and immersive experience for whisky enthusiasts and experienced bartenders in the heart of Speyside, Scotland. Training will be hands-on at the family-owned Glenfiddich distillery and is only available due to an exclusive partnership between William Grant & Sons and EBS.

The Glenfiddich distillery is located in Dufftown, the self-titled “malt whisky capital of the world”, home to no fewer than six distilleries, which is pretty impressive for a population of 1,600. William Grant and Sons perform all stages of whisky production in Dufftown, from grain to glass. Barley is grown and harvested on-site in their own fields, before being malted using traditional floor malting techniques. The wort is fermented and then distilled in traditional copper pot stills prior to maturation on site amongst around one million oak casks.

The family distiller also boasts its own cooperage and over four days, you’ll learn about all stages of the whisky-making process through practical training from the heart of the industry. See, touch, and taste your way through this incredible production method and leave with knowledge that was only previously available to invited VIP guests of Glenfiddich. If you’re going to immerse yourself in Scotch whisky there is nowhere better than EBS’ Scotch Whisky Expedition, in Speyside, surrounded by around 50 distilleries.

Stay on site at the Glenfiddich distillery

Participants of this exclusive expedition will stay in private rooms in cottages on site at the distillery. This absolutely exclusive opportunity is only possible due to our partnership with Glenfiddich, as rooms on site are not available to the general public. Staying at the distillery means that not one second will be wasted during your time and you’ll be immersed in whisky production from morning till night. Some meals will be provided by the distillery’s talented chefs and all of the cottages have full kitchen facilities.

Barley to Beer

You’ll be surrounded by barley fields, and depending on the season, you could see the main ingredient at the sowing, growing or harvesting stage. Get the chance to malt your own grain and see the germination process transform starch into sugar. Understand how to calculate yields, test friability, measure gravity, and check the viability of yeast. Smell and taste your way through malting, mashing and fermentation.

The Stillhouse

Go behind the scenes at a working distillery that has 31 copper pot stills! You’ll distil your own small batch, check the copper for cracks, measure remaining copper thickness, sip raw spirit straight from the still and learn what master distillers really put into each drop.

Casks and Coopering

Go where the general public can’t! Explore different types of warehouses, see the unique Solera vat at warehouse no.8 and taste whisky straight from the cask. Make the most of the on-site cooperage and try your hand at building a cask guided by master coopers with decades of experience. Wood has such a big impact on the final flavour of whisky, producers take it very seriously. See, feel, and learn what goes into selecting the type and origin of wood, level of char, length of maturation, and types of finish.

Exclusive Tastings and Blending

Develop your palate with expert whisky tasters in exclusive tasting sessions. Whether you’re an experienced taster or just starting out, identifying characteristics and expanding your flavour vocabulary are key to improving how you enjoy and understand whisky.

During this expedition you’ll taste whiskies that you’ve certainly never tasted before. Each course is different but you’re likely to try whiskies in all forms. You’ll taste raw spirit, casks that have never been bottled, experimental maturations, and finishes. Finally, you’ll blend your own whisky and take away a sample bottle of it!

Learn from the Experts

EBS has teamed up with William Grant and Sons to bring a truly unique and tailored experience to whisky enthusiasts and passionate bartenders. We have a long history of educating practically and the Glenfiddich distillery has been chosen for this very special collaboration as it has everything you could wish for in one place. As well as access to areas far outside of the public domain, you’ll have expert instruction from professionals with decades of experience. If you love Scotch whisky you can’t get closer to the action than this!

What does this unique expedition include?

  • 5 nights of accommodation in a private room in a cottage on-site
  • 4 buffet lunches
  • 1 gala dinner: 3-course meal, 4 cocktails, and a very special dram
  • 8 coffee/tea breaks
  • A sample of Scotch whisky that you’ve blended yourself
  • A new way to enjoy whisky through expert tasting sessions
  • An in-depth understanding of the whisky production process

3 Reasons to Book Now

Want to have a one-of-a-kind opportunity to live at a working Scotch whisky distillery and learn all parts of the production methods? Here are three reasons why you should book our Scotch Whisky Expedition now:

  1. Live on-site at the Glenfiddich distillery – unavailable to the general public
  2. See, smell, and taste every single step of the whisky production: from the harvest to your glass
  3. Blend your own whisky and get hands-on with copper stills and casks
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