EBS Grad Club

The #EBSGradClub

Since 1999, over 50,000 students have graduated from our bartender courses, many of whom have gone on to achieve extraordinary things.

See what six of our graduates have accomplished and where they’ve travelled to thanks to their bartender course.

Introducing the EBS Grad Club


Inspired by YouTube videos, Nicolas flew to EBS Barcelona, where he fell in love with bartending. Next, he travelled to EBS Kos as a finalist of our Ticket To The World competition. After that, Nicolas joined the EBS family and has worked in EBS Mallorca, EBS Phuket, and EBS Barcelona! Nicolas’ story proves how EBS can truly change your life.


Frida found an EBS flair video online and was determined to become a bartender and travel the world. Frida flew to EBS Sydney to learn all the skills she needed to live her dream. After working a season in Sydney, she jetted to EBS Mallorca and spent the summer there. Catch Frida in a bar near you very soon, she has no plans to stop exploring the world!

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Josefine’s case of wanderlust lead her to EBS Phuket along with her friends. After graduating, Josefine stayed on and travelled across Thailand. During this time she met her best friend and together they became bartenders in Australia. Nowadays, Josefine is in Melbourne studying events and using her bartending skills to earn great money.


Sara already had bartending experience but was hungry to enhance her skills. After chatting to EBS CARE she knew EBS was for her and went to EBS London. The cocktail capital proved to be her calling, as just 3 days after graduating she landed an epic bar job!


After a month of studying and partying with EBS Kos, Fred fell in love with the EBS lifestyle. After his course, Fred got a job at Kyttaro Nightclub in Kos, Greece. Fred is still heavily involved with the school’s events team and wows students with knowledge and skills.


Jesper took his course with EBS Barcelona and wanted to carry on living the EBS lifestyle. He applied for the Ticket To The World competition and ended up as the lucky winner in EBS Kos. Jesper then had a whirlwind experience travelling around the globe as he visited all of the EBS schools. Jesper now amazes customers with his bar skills in Stockholm.

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